7 Quick Takes (6/13/14) & {p,h,f,r} vol. 88 & Theme Thursday – Old Fashioned: Beach Bonfires and BBC/Masterpiece Love

Well, today the kids have Mass and a closing ceremony at school and then they are officially done for the school year. I am already in vacation mode as I sit here in my pajamas typing on the computer, waiting for the what seems like the 100th load of laundry to finish. It has been a jam packed week with birthdays, end of school year parties, preschool graduations and other end of the year festivities. I feel like I’ve hardly been home all week, except to prep food and take it to a party.  As such, the blog has also been neglected but I just figure you guys are as busy as I am at this time of year so I don’t sweat it. ;-) But just to keep you in the loop as to why I haven’t blogged, here’s what we’ve been doing this week.

I am linking up with Kathryn for Jen’s for 7 Quick Takes, Cari for (gasp!) Theme Thursday: Old Fashioned (see Take #3) and the lovely ladies at Like Mother, Like Daughter for {pretty, happy, funny, real}.

~ 1 ~

On Sunday, Andrew celebrated his 7th birthday. He wanted an ocean party complete with a trip to his favorite spot – the Monterey Aquarium. After days of grey fog the sun finally came out to make a beautiful day.

The view from one of the observation decks.

The birthday boy.

~ 2 ~


I had a ton of photos I took at the Aquarium but to spare you the photo dump I added my faves to this collage.

~ 3 ~

{happy} / Theme Thursday: Old Fashioned

There were three end of the year school parties and our favorite was the old fashioned beach bonfire.

 Although it was roughly 59 degrees and the water was COLD, Bella, Matthew and Andrew couldn’t resist playing in the waves.  (A beanie and bare feet – Cali attire.)

Meanwhile, John Paul takes after his daddy. Neither of them like to take off their shoes and most definitely don’t want to feel the sand between their toes. (That baffles me!) At one point they both were just staring off into the sunset contemplating. It was so sweet.

I was just happy to stand there and let the waves wash over my feet. (And even more happy that I didn’t drop my camera or anything.) ;-)

The sun is setting behind the fog.

We ended the day with old fashioned smores. Can you spot the stick with the flaming marshmallow??

~ 4 ~


I think it’s funny that we are supposed to celebrate pre-school graduations. I don’t really get it…

…but I play along anyway. Besides, John-Paul is so cute in his little cap. So congrats to my little grad.

~ 5 ~


All these outings are a lot of fun but with all the potlucks we joined, out kitchen looked like this pretty much all week. (And this is only a small portion of the mess.) Don’t even get me started on the laundry. Yesterday I was trying to convince a size 7 boy that he could borrow a clean pair of underwear from his size 4 brother. No bueno. Yeah, so today I don’t plan on leaving the house until all the laundry and dishes are done. (Check back with me in a few days.)

~ 6 ~

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy early Father’s Day to all you papas out there, especially my own sweet Daddy, my father-in-law Opa and finally my hubby – father to my children, my sweetheart and my super hero Brian. We’ll be celebrating the day with fresh homemade ice cream with our new Cuisinart ice cream maker as soon as Amazon Prime delivers it today. (I heart Amazon!!)

Later I’ll post how it worked out for us.

~ 7 ~

Masterpiece Mystery


After we put the kids to bed on Father’s Day, Brian and I will meet on the couch to enjoy the return of Masterpiece Mystery, which I love even more than the beginning of Downton Abbey season. First on the roster is Dave Tennant with The Escape Artist.

The rest of the season includes:

  • ENDEAVOUR: Season 2 (June 29-July 20, 2014) - Smart and well done.
  • HERCULE POIROT: Season 12  ( July 27 to August 3, 2014) – HP is an oldie but a goodie.
  • BREATHLESS (August 24 to September 7, 2014) – Not sure about this one. Looks like a Mad Men type show, which I wouldn’t mind if the characters can manage to keep their pants on.
  • MISS MARPLE (September 21 and 28, 2014) – I still miss the old Miss Marple character but enjoy the show none the less.
  • INSPECTOR LEWIS: Season 7 (October 5-19, 2014) - I’m glad the boys are back! (And not just because I have a little crush on Hathaway, who reminds me of Brian.)
  • DEATH COMES TO PEMBERLEY (October 26-November 2, 2014) – I’ve got this book in my reading queue so I can read it before I watch the show. :-)

Get more details at PBS: Masterpiece Mystery.  (Now I’m just waiting for more Sherlock, Broadchurch, Whitechapel and Wallander.) ;-)

That’s it for now. Have a great weekend!

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Saturday Night 7 Quick Takes, {pretty, happy, funny, real} & Answer Me This

~ 1 ~

I spent all week finishing up my You’re A Good Mom post and never got to finish my link-up posts. So today you get a trio post with Jen’s  7 Quick Takes, LMLD’s {pretty, happy, funny, real} and Kendra’s Answer Me This.

~ 2~

The view from our deck.


~ 3~


On Monday Brian and I went on a lunch date before he started Round 4 of chemo on Tuesday. We had lunch then walked around downtown Carmel.

I was super happy to go out with my sweetheart. :-)

~ 4 ~

Our hallway doubles as a parking garage.

I was in the other room and heard, “You can do it, Spidey!” :-)

~ 5 ~

The other day it was really windy outside and the boys wanted to make paper airplanes to see if they’d fly. However, John-Paul insisted that we fly kites, even though we don’t have any. I compromised. We made the airplanes and got out the Tinker Toys to create make-shift airplane kites. They had a blast. :-)

~ 6 ~
Now Answer Me This hosted by Kendra at Catholic All Year.

1. Do you have a smart phone?

I have an iPhone and it literally goes with me everywhere and holds so much of my stuff, it’s crazy.  I have the older 4S and plan to update it but I am waiting for the new iPhone 6 coming out in September. I remember that I bought my current iPhone in August of 2011 as an early birthday gift. I wanted to have it before I went into go into labor with John-Paul. I loved that I was able to post to post to Facebook and tweet labor updates as I was waking up and down the halls waiting for the contractions to get stronger. Here is one of the first photos taken with my phone.

2. Which is your favorite meal of the day?

Probably dinner since that is the meal in which we are all able to sit down together and eat. Lunch is usually something quick while I am running around picking up kids from pre-school. I am not a huge “breakfast food” fan. In fact this morning for breakfast I had a bowl on lentil soup. ;-)

3. Shower or bath?

Definitely shower. I don’t have time to bathe and even if I did I am not brave enough to sit in our tub (where I shower the boys.) Scary.

4. Think of a person you love. How many days have you been in love with that person? (Don’t worry, this site will do the math for you. And, hey, now you can order this card!)

I can’t tell you the exact date I fell in love with Brian but I know I fell in love with him before I met him in person, so I will start it on the date I read his online profile and sent him an email. Have you heard this story? It is such a God-coincidence. In a nutshell -  Brian was in the seminary for 1 and 1/2 years but discerned it wasn’t his vocation. Someone recommended that he try to find a good Catholic girl on Ave Maria Singles.com. He came home, joined and started a novena to find the woman God meant to be his wife. On the last day of the novena he went to the chapel at the Carmel Mission, finished his novena prayers and told God that if he was meant to be married then God would just have to bring his future wife right to his doorstep. Later that night, God delivered his future wife on the doorstep of his computer. I also joined Ave Maria and sent my first email to him on the 9th day of the novena. A year later we were married at the Mission. :-) So I have been in love with Brian for 5,683 days. :-)

5. What’s the best church you’ve ever been inside?

St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Breathtaking.

6. Happy Feast of the Visitation (on Saturday!) Has anyone ever come to help YOU?

Me, Bella and my sisters Jacinta and Bridgette.

My family is always there when I need their help, even though we live 400 miles apart. (I am in Central CA and they are in So Cal.) My mom and my sisters were especially there when I needed them most – during baby births and while Brian was sick in the hospital. Even when it is not emergency, anytime they come they always help me out.  It’s not often that my entire family gets up here (I’m the oldest of 9) but I get the most visits from my parents and two of my three sisters. Elena is the only family member not living in California. I told her when Matthew turns 5 (in 2 years!) then we’d try to come to VA to visit them. :-)

~ 7 ~

It is late so I must say good night. Have a blessed Sunday! :-)

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7 Quick Takes (5/3/14) & {p,h,f,r} vol. 87 & “Answer Me This” Mash-up: Road Trips, Disneyland & Star Wars

~ 0 ~

Hey, guys. I hope everyone is well. I took a long blogging break while we were out of town but I’m itching to get back online. I’ve spent the last couple of days catching up on FB and blogs, even though I still have 300+ unread posts in my reader. I was just going to delete everything in my Bloglovin feed and start over but then I wouldn’t have found out things like Micaela is pregnant (congrats!), my sis redesigned her blog and has a great post on motherhood (BTW, sis, am I exempt from the contest since we are related??) and Jen’s new book is out and there are TONS of cool contests to go with it. Like this one…

How easy it that? My sis is sending me an extra copy she had so I am paying it forward and purchasing the book for a friend, as well as a kindle version for myself when I’m on the go. Still not convinced to buy your own? Check out this promo video. You’ll see many of our fave authors and bloggers. My personal favorite excerpts are from Dwija (she also gets my vote for best selfie with the book), second is Bonnie and her Frozen rendition (she also has a great vlog review) and third is Hallie, just cuz I love her smile. :-)

Anyway, to make up for lost time I am going to milk this post and link up with three awesome blogs – Jen for 7 Quick Takes, Like Mother Like Daughter for {pretty, happy, funny, real} (Refer to QT #2-5) and Kendra for Answer Me This (Refer to QT #7). Here we go…

~ 1 ~

As you may remember, in my last Online Daybook I shared about my frustration with Brian’s cancer and how hard it was to watch him deal with his chemo treatments. He was off chemo this week and I can’t tell you how happy it made me to see him back to his old self. I am relishing these days before he starts his next round of chemo on Monday. I just have to learn to cope and adjust accordingly.

I was thinking about a comment made by Angela, who is also fighting and going through cancer. She said:

Bobbi! You know you and Brian have my prayers! Chemo is rough. Cancer stinks. It exhausts the living daylights out of the recipient AND their families. However..it doesn’t last forever. We can do ANYTHING for a period in our lives, because God equips us daily for the task at hand, and all we have to do is be thankful for the gift of the day…

I love that last line because we can apply it to anything in any season of our life – whether we are sleep deprived moms with little ones or seasoned moms worrying about older kids or single women dealing with other issues.

We can do ANYTHING for a period in our lives, because God equips us daily for the task at hand, and all we have to do is be thankful for the gift of the day.

So we were thankful for the week of no chemo treatments and took advantage by planning a trip to So Cal to visit with my family.

~ 2, 3, 4 & 5 ~

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

We slept in and didn’t leave the house until 5:45 AM but we are excited and ready to go.

On Highway 101.

Okay, 5:45 AM may not seem like sleeping in but ideally, we get up at 3 AM and are on the road by 4 AM so we can knock out the first half of the trip while the kids are sleeping. Sleeping in was great but when the kids were up and asking, “Are we there yet?” at 6 AM you start to wish you got up at 3. At least the drive was pretty. I LOVE when I see the green hills on one side of the road and the gorgeous Pacific Ocean on the other side of the road. It makes up for other Cali craziness. ;-)

I really needed this trip! I needed to get a hug from my mom and my dad. I needed to laugh with my siblings. I needed to see my husband smile again and just relax. We had a going away/early bday party for my brother-in-law Mick who will soon be deployed to Afghanistan. The next day we all headed further south to spend the day with my brother Rob, my sis-in-law Maria and their two sweet little boys Max and Philip.

Laughing with my brother Rob. Poor Andrew is thinking, “Never mind the chatting, mom. Please feed me.” (Photo courtesy of my sis-in-law Maria. Hope you didn’t mind me posting it, Maria! ;-) )

My boys had so much fun playing basketball in their backyard. They had never played before and Brian was trying to teach them how to shoot a basket.

Andrew really started to let lose and got the hang of the game. I think he may have found a new favorite sport.

Matthew was ready to use his super powers to make a basket.

Bella enjoyed her time with my sister Jacinta. We laugh because Bella looks just like Jacinta as a girl. She’s her mini-me. (And to this day I will still sometimes call Bella by the name Jacinta.)

Later that night we headed to Disneyland for a couple of days. Little did we know that Cali was going to have a heat wave.

We took this photo at 5 PM when it was still 93 degrees out. (93!)

But we still managed to have fun…

…and keep a smile on our faces.

Well, except for John-Paul. Matthew loves walking but JP does not like heat, noise or too many people. So Disneyland had him in conflicted emotions. But the HIGHLIGHT of Disneyland was their favorite show – The Jedi Training.

At the previous shows we’ve seen, Darth Vader and the Storm Troopers were the only villains to be fought but this time they included Darth Maul as well. I’ve got to admit I was geeking out with the whole thing. ;-)

All in all, the trip was a lot of fun. Of course, we had the usual moments when the kids were cranky or running wild in the hotel room and I got frustrated and told Brian that we will never again take a trip like this! But like labor, you soon forget all the pain and only remember all the joy and before you know it, you are planning to do it all over again. ;-)

Seriously, this last photo shows that it all worth it…having fun together and the kids spending special time with Brian was awesome.

~ 6 ~

May the 4th


Speaking of Star Wars, don’t forget that tomorrow/today is May the 4th, Star Wars Day! (As in May the 4th be with you… I had to explain it to Brian. He didn’t get it. LOL.)

You’ll find lots of Star Wars themed items out there but I found this one to be particularly interesting. It is a Jedi Work Out. If you can’t get to the Downsize Fitness in Dallas to participate, no worries. There is also a home version you can do. So grab your light saber and get to working out with Light Saber Leaps and Help Me Obiwan Kenobi Squats. Love it. :-)


~ 7 ~

For my last take, I’ll do a quick Answer Me This.

1. Are you becoming your mother?

Haha! Yeah, there are a lot of little things that I act like my mom. When we were at my parent’s house last weekend my mom was explaining something to my dad (in minute detail) and Brian started laughing saying, “That sounds just like you.” When I act silly or funny with the kids they laugh and giggle and it reminds me of my mom’s playful sense of humor. I’ll find that I have many of the same little house rules like you are NEVER to leave a toilet paper roll empty or if you open the last (fill-in-the-blank) from the pantry, you MUST write it down on the shopping list. I remember as a kid how I used to cringe when I went shopping with my mom because there would always be a situation when she’d complain (granted, politely) because something didn’t ring up on sale or she was overcharged or some such thing. I thought I’d die of embarrassment. Now that I am a mom, I’ve inherited the “i-don’t-care-what-people-think” gene and have no problem correcting a shopping injustice, to the embarrassment of my own daughter. heehee

There are also moments when a negative aspect of my mom’s child rearing come out in me but thankfully, I usually detect it in time to stop myself or else apologize for it after the fact. That is one thing I treasure from my mom. She came from a difficult childhood and had a lot of issues to deal with as she parented her own children. She may have made mistakes but by the grace of God she broke the cycle of dysfunction and brought faith and a strong love of God into our family. She is the strongest person I know and my parents are proof that whatever problems you had in the past, they do not have to control your future. God can make you (and your family) new.

2. Coffee or tea?

I’m embarrassed to say, neither. I hate the taste of both. My coffee cup holds cold water.

3. What foreign country would you like to visit?

I’d love to go back to Rome (Brian and I went for our first anniversary in Jan 2000). I’d also love to visit where my in-laws grew up – Austria (my mom-in-law) and Slovania (my dad-in-law).

4. Do you cry easily?

Yes. I’m a sap…unless I’m mad. Then I refuse to cry.

5. How often do you wear heels?

Um, never. I do not believe in torture.

6. Do you play an instrument?

I play a mean Playskool xylophone, baby.

Have a great Sunday!! :-)

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7 Quick Takes (3/22/13): Movies, More Movies & HolyLens and Theme Thursday: Rich

I’m a little late but I’m linking up with Jen for 7 Quick Takes and Cari for Theme Thursday: Rich. (Scroll down to #7 for that.) :-)

~ 1 ~

Well, I took a blogging break this week. Not by choice but more by circumstance. It has been such a busy week that I haven’t had the time, particularly since I am trying to get to bed a little earlier at night. Plus, what spare time I do have I’ve been trying to work on the Restore Workshop. It has actually been going well even though there were a few days I didn’t even touch the material. However, I have been making up the days I missed so I’ll be on track by Monday. I’ll share more of what God’s been teaching me next week.


~ 2 ~

The other day my little brother sent me an invite to join Letterboxd.com. If  you are unfamiliar with it, the same way Goodreads is for those who like to share what they are reading, Letterboxd is for those who like to share what movies they watch. It’s fun for me to see what my brother is watching and get recommendations for my Netflix queue. In the next couple of weeks I’ll be putting together some lists such as – My Fave Hitchcock Movies, Fave Classic Movies, My Fave Literary Adaptations, Fave Religious Movies and Movies Bella and I Enjoy Watching Together and more. If you have a Twitter or Facebook account you can link them together. (People can follow you just as they do on Twitter.) If you do join let me know so I can add you as a movie friend. :-) You can find me here.


~ 3 ~

Waiting for the movie to start and eating popcorn with missing teeth. (Note to self – the boys need a haircut.) :-)

Speaking of movies, Friday night it was Family Fun Night at the kid’s school. The kids bring their sleeping bags and blanket to the gym and watch a movie with popcorn and a light dinner provided. The movie was Frozen, which Bella and I already saw but the boys hadn’t seen it yet. Bella was eager to sit with her friends but the three amigos stuck together with me and Brian and the popcorn. It was actually a lot of fun. :-)

~ 4~

Oh and speaking of Frozen, have you seen the video of the guy  singing “Let It Go” in the voices of 21 Disney and Pixar characters?? If you haven’t seen it yet it is worth watching! Very impressive. :-)


~ 5 ~

When we got home Friday night we put the kids to bed then Brian and I settled down for a Friday night movie. I rented two and we chose to watch The Great Gatsby. Did you like it? I couldn’t stand it. After about 20 minutes or so I looked over at Brian’s uninterested face and said, “This is so boring!” He agreed. Maybe it was the stylized way it was filmed or the depressing storyline. I don’t know. We turned it off and I decided to read the book instead. Good thing I also rented The Amazing Spiderman. Maybe that says something about my intellect, but I actually really enjoyed that one and will most likely watch the upcoming The Amazing Spiderman 2 coming to theaters on May 2. :-)


~ 6 ~

So you don’t think I only watch movies, there was also an interesting post my sister had on her Facebook page – BBC Believes You Only Read 6 of These Books… The average Goodreads member has read 23 out of 100 books on this list. I need to read one more to hit that since I’ve only read 22 so far. How did you do?


~ 7 ~

Lastly, I feel like I dialed it in for this week’s Theme Thursday: Rich since I remembered about it late Thursday night while I was in line at the theater to watch Divergent so I had to use the photos I had on my phone and some apps to make this collage before the movie started. But the sentiment remains the same. These guys make me RICH!


And since my mom isn’t on Instagram, here are some of the other #holylens photos I’ve posted. (Enjoy, mom.) :-)


I pass this cute house when I take the kids to school.



My little master of disguises is still on his superhero kick.



It was 14 1/2 years ago that I entered into a marriage covenant with this amazing man.



“Do not thou, O Lord, withhold thy mercies from me, let thy steadfast love & thy faithfulness ever preserve me.” Psalms 40:11.



We’re teaching the kids God’s laws with the help of Surfer Dude Jesus.



I’m reconciled to the fact that my fun Friday nights now involve staying in, choosing a movie from our movie bins and maybe even sneaking in a bowl of cereal. #partylikeamom



This morning I wrote an apology note to Brian. I was feeling contrite for expecting him to read my mind instead of me coming straight out and telling him what’s wrong.



This is one of my favorite places to sit and talk to my Father. The beauty and majesty of his creation is a constant reminder that if he can do *anything*. Likewise, in his eyes, we are his beautiful creations.

Happy Sunday!

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7 Quick Takes (3/8/14): Chemo Update, Meatless Meals & When Calls the Heart

It’s Saturday evening and I have 30 minutes participate in Jen’s 7 Quick Takes. Here it goes.


~ 1 ~

The view from the window at the Cancer Center.

Cancer Update: Yesterday I went with Brian to his introductory chemo class. He was supposed to start chemo on Monday but his surgeon moved back the date for another two weeks so that the port he put in his chest could heal up more. He is scheduled to begin chemo on Monday, March 24. It was a little strange being there and seeing the room with all the chemo chair recliners and learning about the side effects and precautions we have to take etc but Brian was in good spirits, considering everything going on. At least the view out the window is pretty and peaceful. It looks out the hills surrounding the center.

It’s funny that yesterday I felt fine and was pleased that Brian seemed okay and felt he could handle it and we’d manage this journey together. However, tonight as we were coming home from Mass he made a comment about the chemo and I had a delayed reaction. I had to fight the tears back as it all started to sink in… all the side effects and the possibility that it may not work. I had to let it go and not allow myself to go down that road. But sometimes I wonder… what is the emotionally healthier thing to do? To let the fear into my heart and then cry it out. Or to not allow myself to think about it…to keep my thoughts on the surface and not go deeper. Is that being in denial? I don’t know what I should be feeling. Or perhaps I should say, I don’t know what to do with how I am feeling.

~ 2 ~

Mwah – I do know one thing, Brian and I truly, truly appreciate your prayers and your concern, especially from those people who have shared their own cancer stories. I have read your comments and emails to him and he is touched by them. Please forgive me for not answering all your comments. Don’t think I do not love hearing from you. So if I did not answer you right away, I’m sending you here a big XOXO of thanks! ;-)

~ 3 ~

Movie Matinee – This afternoon Bella and I were able to slip away for a couple of hours to see Frozen. Bella already saw it with her aunts and uncles when it first came out but I wasn’t able to go with her. So we finally went to see it before it left the movie theaters. I really loved it and the music. (I downloaded the soundtrack when I got home.)  :-) I also love that Bella is still at an age when she doesn’t mind having mother daughter outings with me. I am treasuring all these moments! Thankfully, when we got home Brian and the house were still in one piece. As we drove up our driveway we could hear the boys (aka. Anakin Skywalker, Coty the Clonetrooper and Master Yoda) yelling and playing in the backyard to the sheer delight of all our neighbors. ;-)

~ 4 ~

Say what? – Oh, something else I did today was try a new recipe that my sister-in-law posted on Facebook. It is for a brownie made out of black beans instead of flour. Ugh! Can you imagine?? However, my curiosity got the best of me and I made a batch for the kids for their Sunday morning treat. I just took them out of the oven and they smell good but who knows what it will actually taste like. I’ll wait to taste it tomorrow. We’ll find out if it actually is a treat or another Lenten sacrifice. ;-) (If it turns out decent I’ll share it at Tuesday’s Pinterest Party.)


~ 5 ~

Beyond the Fish Stick – Speaking of recipes, it’s time for Beth Anne’s third annual Lenten Meal Plans Link-up. She is teaming up with Sarah and Abbey to give us an online home where we can share our favorite meatless meals and recipes. Beth Anne also has a Pinterest board to go with the link-up. Plenty o’ inspiration!


~ 6~

In the Kitchen – I also added a page on the blog menu (see above) for recipes. I have struggled in the kitchen but after a lot of practice I feel a lot more comfortable and now find joy in trying new recipes. I made a list of the recipes I’ve shared here on the blog. There is also a section of meatless meals for Lent. However, I did leave off the list previous recipes I posted that were high in sugar and low in nutrition since we don’t eat that anymore. Sigh.


~ 7 ~

When Calls the Heart – Okay, my time is up. Brian just came in and he is ready to watch a movie with me. Actually, we’ve been watching a lot of action/superhero movies so tonight we will catch up on the new Hallmark series When Calls the Heart. It is based on the book(s)  When Calls the Heart (Canadian West Book #1) by Janet Oke. The show has a “Little House on the Prairie” feel, perhaps because it is directed by Michael Landon, Jr. Plus, I am a sucker for a romance story and I’m rooting for Elizabeth and Jack. ;-)

Have a good night and don’t forget to set your clocks forward. I would share my thoughts on Day Light Savings Time but I don’t want to use that kind of language, especially during Lent. Grr. ;-)

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