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Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration at Saint Joseph Adoration Monastery - Portsmouth, Ohio


Our community was established in 1956 as a foundation from our Cleveland Monastery. The community is a pontifical, contemplative order of cloistered Nuns with the privilege of solemn vows, papal enclosure and exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. We wear the traditional habit and have a special love for our Holy Father and the Church.

On November 2, 2002 Mother Dolores Marie & Sr. Imelda Marie left Our Lady of the Angels Monastery founded by Mother Angelica, in Hanceville Alabama to restart the Monastery here in Portsmouth, Ohio. After being here for 3 years, we now have two novices and one postulant with many inquiries from young women. God is so good!

Our Mission:

Unlike other Orders who have a specific active apostolate - our apostolate is a life consecrated to prayer. As Mother Marie de Ste.Claire instructed her Community; "We are the adorers of the Most Blessed Sacrament and the purpose of our adoration is THANKSGIVING." We are there for all those who do not believe, all those who do not love, who do not thank-- nor even think of our dear Lord. We offer Jesus our loving adoration, supplying for the want of the world, for the lack of love that our Eucharist King finds in the hearts of His children.

Our Community Life

We all have a deep love for God, a desire to give ourselves totally to Him, and a true desire for holiness of life. We help one another toward this goal, by our life, our example, by acknowledging our weaknesses, humbly repenting of our failures, and ever striving onward. As we gather together for our Community recreations, we share laughter, stories, games and work together on various projects, each bringing the gift of herself, with the graces God has formed her with, to share with one another

Our Daily Schedule:

5:00 Arise
5:45 Office of Readings/Morning Prayer
7:00 Mass/Rosary
8:00 Breakfast/Household Duties
9:00 Little Hours
9:30 Work
11:30 Lunch
12:30 Lesson
1:00 Free Time
2:00 Franciscan Crown
2:30 Work
4:00 Evening Prayer/Spiritual Reading
5:30 Supper
7:00 Recreation
7:45 Night Prayer
8:00 Grand Silence
10:00 Lights Out


Postulancy - When a young girl has made the decision to enter our order, she begins her time of discernment known as her postulancy. Although technically not a part of our order, she lives our Rule with us so she may better discern if this is what God has in mind for her. During her first year, she wears a simple brown jumper with a long sleeved white shirt, brown socks and shoes. She also wears a short brown veil.. At the end of one year if both she and the Community feels that she is able to live the life she begins the next step.

Novitiate - The Novitiate begins with the reception of the Holy Habit, a new name and the cutting of the hair. The first year of the Novitiate is called the canonical year, which means that it is a year spent in deeper discernment about your vocation. The second year is the year in which you spend preparing for your vows.

The Vowed Life - Our way of living the Gospel Counsels, which is simply patterning our life after the example that Jesus gave us, sets us apart totally for God. We live the three vows of Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience in imitation of our Divine Master. It is the grace of these three vows that bind us together as a Community. As we strive to live these faithfully in love, we help one another on to our common goal: eternal life!

Is God Calling You?

Do you find yourself asking these questions: How do I know if I have a vocation? How am I supposed to know where to go? Could I really make all those sacrifices and leave my family and friends? First of all, know that God works with each of us individually. Each Sister has a different story to tell of how God brought her to her vocation. The biggest help in discerning is to be truly open to His will. We can easily tell God what we want, but we have to listen a little harder sometimes to hear what He wants. When we are searching, God puts people in our path at the right time, who by a word or comment may unknowingly guide us where He wants us. Pray. Listen. Follow. We have to ground ourselves in prayer, listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, and follow those inspirations. If God is truly calling you to the Religious Life, He will supply the grace you need to follow Him.

If you feel called to consecrate your life to Jesus as a Poor Clare Nun of Perpetual Adoration, please consider the following:

† You must be a single woman between the ages of 18 and 35
† Have a High School education
† Be a Catholic in good standing
† Be in good physical and psychological health

If you meet the above requirements, and feel that the Lord may be leading you to the Cloistered Contemplative life, the first step is to write to us. Tell us a little about yourself, and why you feel called to this life. Be sure to include a recent photograph of yourself. It would be helpful to also include your phone number and appropriate times to try and contact you. Usually after we have gotten to know each other a little over the phone, it is easier to tell if a visit would be appropriate. If so, the next step is usually for the aspirant to come and make a visit with the Community. This way you can see first hand what our life is like, and you will get a better idea of the different aspects of our day. During this time, both the Community and the aspirant determine the possibility of a vocation.

Contact Info:

Vocation Directress
St. Joseph Adoration Monastery
2311 Stockham Lane
Portsmouth, Ohio 45662

or E-mail the Poor Clares at

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